GT-1 AUSTRALIA Designed by racers, for racers with a focus on FUN and AFFORDABILITY.

GT-1 AUSTRALIA Designed by racers, for racers with a focus on FUN and AFFORDABILITY.

Why GT -1?

GT-1 was created to cater for amateur drivers with sports cars who want to race their cars against other amateur drivers. 

GT-1 is the premier event in the Australian motor racing series, which in 2019 is run over a 6 Round National Championship. 

 GT-1 is only for amateurs. The racing is very close and we are all driving at around the same ability. 

  • The drivers mostly own their cars and know the cost of repairs.  
  • We give each other respect and we look to avoid any contact. 
  • Yes, it's close racing and there's the occasional rub ... but no big dives and no tap and runs. 
  • We understand that we are racing for fun.
  • Yes there are nice trophies and if you win one then you know that you deserve it.

We have an interesting handicap system that ensures an opportunity for anybody in the field a chance at a podium yet it still rewards the best teams with the fastest car and drivers with a place on the podium.

2019 Australian GT-1 Championship full series details


Round 1, 19th-21st of April– 2019 Australian GT-1 Championship, Bathurst. Entries Close 15th March 2019

Round 1 of the 2019 Australian GT-1 Championship will be conducted in conjunction with NSW Production Sports Racing Association Australia at their “ProdSports Endurance Challenge” at Mount Panorama, Bathurst 19-21 April 2019.

This event will be conducted under the ProdSports regulations, the Bathurst 6 Hour event regulations and the 2019 Australian GT-1 Championship Sporting Regulations where appropriate.

All entries, documentation and coordination of this meeting will be managed by the NSW Production Sports Racing Association, with GT-1 Australia assisting at the event to ensure the successful running of Round 1 of the GT-1 Championship.

While there will be a number of competitors at this event who are not entered in the GT-1 Championship, the results of each relevant session/race will be re-calculated to only include the drivers entered in Round 1 of the Australian GT-1 Championship with the GT-1 pointscore being applied accordingly.

GT-1 Sporting Regulations provides details on how this event will be conducted, please find the following summary as follows:

  • Entries / Fuel – the attached B6Hr entry form must be completed and fees paid directly to the NSW Production Sports Racing Association as detailed (this should also be copied to GT-1 Australia to ensure we capture your entry into GT-1) . The fuel registration form must also be completed and sent to RaceFuels as detailed.

To be eligible to score points in the Australian GT-1 Championship, the following items must be complied with as follows:

  • GT-1 Australia must be advised that you wish to enter Round 1 of the 2019 Australian GT-1 Championship.
  • The GT-1 Australia driver eligibility requirements must be met.
  • The GT-1 Australia car eligibility requirements must be met.
  • The Australian GT-1 Championship Specification Sheet must be complied with.
  • The GT-1 Australia requirements for the use of the Pirelli Control Tyre must be met.

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